Useful information

  • Port Control is manned 24 hours a day and is equipped with the latest radar and communications equipment, on VHF Channel 14.
  • Marina staff can be contacted on VHF Channel 80, when entering the Royal Harbour. During the summer period the marina staff will allocate a suitable berth for you. During the winter period you will be instructed to take any vacant berth, unless they are marked ‘Reserved’.
  • Inner Marina used by permanent berth holders, with access approximately 2 hours each side of high water.
  • Western Marina is found on the left hand side as you enter the Royal Harbour Marina, used by permanent berth holders and visitors.
  • Eastern Marina is found directly ahead as you enter the Royal Harbour Marina, used by fishing, angling and visiting boats.
  • Security is 24 hours with CCTV surveillance.
  • Live on board vessels: please note that Ramsgate is not a residential marina.
  • Tradesmen working in the Harbour All tradesmen working for hire on boats within the Royal Harbour Marina must have insurance and a licence, available from the harbour office.


Gull's Eye guide - Sailing Today: Ramsgate from Classic Yacht TV on Vimeo.