Section 4 - Live On-Board Terms and Conditions

Ramsgate Royal Harbour Marina is owned and operated by Thanet District Council.  These Terms and Conditions should be read in their entirety.  For more information about services available, consult the Harbour Guide. 


All Live on-Board customers are subject to the Terms and Conditions published in Section 1 and 2.  These following terms and conditions are particular to Live on-boards and must be adhered to. 

4.1.1         Live on-board Vessel owners can only live on-board once approval has been given by the Harbour Master. 

4.1.2         Council Tax All vessels where the owner lives on-board attract Council Tax.  Once the Harbour Master has approved for the owner to live on-board the Council will be notified and will bill the owner accordingly. 

4.1.3         Post For those owners that live on-board, the Harbour Office will take delivery of post, and it is the responsibility of the owner to collect this on a regular basis.  

4.1.4         Prescriptions and medical supplies The Harbour Office will not take delivery of any medicines or medical supplies, the owner will need to make alternative arrangements for this. 

4.1.5         Parcel deliveries  If a parcel delivery is expected the Owner will need to make the Harbour Office aware so that contact can be made once delivered and these will need to be collected promptly so as not to cause a health and safety risk within the Harbour Office.  If the items are particularly large and heavy, and the office are aware, it may be that the delivery can be directed to the nearest access point for your ease in transferring to your boat. 

4.1.6         Use of on-board solid fuel / wood stoves All flues must be fitted with a spark arrestor and selected fuels must minimise any potential issues to surrounding vessels.  All vessels should have adequate ventilation and a suitable on-board fire extinguisher to hand should an incident occur.  All vessels should be fitted with a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector alarm. No ash shall be thrown overboard, it is to be left until cold and then disposed of in the receptacles provided by the Council. 

4.1.7         TV Licensing All live on-boards that have and watch a TV on their vessel are expected to comply with the TV licensing requirements.  No TV / satellite dish and / or TV pole for an aerial are to be left or attached to the pontoons, piles or walkways. 

4.1.8         Pump out facility Live on-boards must comply with our environmental policies and not discharge sewage into the marina.  Should Owners choose to use their on-board toilet connected to a holding tank then pump out facilities are available at a charge through the Dock Masters. (Please see Environmental Policy and Practice Statement for more information.)