Section 3 - Vehicle Parking Terms and Conditions

Ramsgate Royal Harbour Marina is owned and operated by Thanet District Council.  These Terms and Conditions should be read in their entirety.  For more information about services available, consult the Harbour Guide. 


3.1.1         Parking spaces The allocated parking spaces are owned by Thanet District Council. The holding of a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available when and where required. 

3.1.2         Motor Vehicles and Parking Motor vehicles will only be permitted to be parked on the estate within allocated spaces and displaying a current parking permit. 

3.1.3         Permits Parking permits issued do not confer any right or entitlement to a particular space or priority over other users. 

3.1.4         Fee The annual permit fee is as per the published fees and charges, runs from the 1 April to the 31 March, will be adjusted for part years and is non-refundable.  All permits must be paid for in full upon issue and can only be purchased by the berth holder. 

3.1.5         Administrative charges There is an administrative charge for the replacement of lost permits, as detailed within the published fees and charges.  If you change your vehicle or need to add further registration number(s), a new permit will be issued, subject to the old permit being surrendered.  There is an administration charge to amend parking permits as per the published fees and charges. 

3.1.6         Leopold Street multi storey Annual harbour parking permits can park in Leopold Street multi storey at any time.  Please note: the ground floor is available 24/7, the remaining floors are closed between 19.00 and 07.00 hours daily. 

3.1.7         Registration numbers Each permit can have up to 3 registration numbers, but only 1 vehicle may park within the harbour area / Leopold Street multi storey car park at a time. The permit is only valid for the vehicle registration(s) printed on the permit. 

3.1.8         Permit display The permit must be displayed so that it can be seen clearly from the outside.  Failure to clearly display the permit may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. 

3.1.9         Pay and Display locations The permit issued for parking within the Harbour area is not valid within Pier Yard or Military Road pay and display car park areas. 

3.1.10        Space availability There is a limited amount of car parking available within the Marina area.  The purchase of permits is restricted to boat owners and marina property lessees for their specific use, and cannot be purchased for third parties.  The car parking system is as follows: 

                 Permit 1: This will be for the berth holder only, at the annual rate, and will facilitate parking within the marina area and Leopold Street multi storey. 

                 Permit 2: This is for a second berth holder / crew member, at the annual rate, and will facilitate the same parking zones as the first permit. 

                 Permits 3-5: For additional and up to the total of allowance, the annual fee is as per the published fees and charges: This will enable parking at Leopold Street multi storey only. Parking within the marina area will be prohibited. 

3.1.11        Size limit Only cars, trucks and vans up to a maximum of a long wheel base panel van (length 6.3m and width 2.0m) in size are allowed to park within the Harbour car parking areas. Trailers must be parked within the Boat Park or Container Yard with prior approval and fee paid to the Harbour Office. Caravans are not permitted on site.  Motor homes are not permitted on site unless they fall within the maximum size limit given above for a long wheel base panel van.  Parking within the Leopold Street multi storey car park is limited by the size as detailed at this location.  Vehicles must not exceed the size of a standard parking bay (4.8m x 2.4m approximately). 

3.1.12        Disabled parking, ie the Blue Badge scheme does not apply within the Harbour area.  All vehicles require a valid parking permit issued from the Marina Office or the Harbour Office.  Short term drop off points are available at the Inner East and Inner West entry points on the Crosswall for Harbour permit holders with a Blue Badge for the purpose of loading and unloading only. 

3.1.13        Loss or damage Thanet District Council will not be liable for loss or damage or the fittings or the contents thereof, or injury to any person however such damage or injury made be caused. 

3.1.14        Speed limits throughout the Marina premises must be adhered to at all times by the Owner and any persons / vehicle associated with them. 

3.1.15        No car maintenance or washing thereof is permitted on the Marina whatsoever. 

3.1.16        Long term parking of more than 2 weeks, is not permissible without the written permission of the Harbour Master.  This will be indicated by an additionally issued permit from the Harbour Office. 

3.1.17        Overnight No person is allowed to sleep in any vehicle overnight. 

3.1.18        Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) All vehicles must comply with the DVSA requirements, ie taxed, insured and valid MOT, where applicable.  Vehicles which are SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) are not permitted on site.