Annex C

Report on Port Waste Reception Facilities – European Information Requirements

(To be submitted annually to the MCA)

Total number of vessel movements:

Total number of vessel movements under the regulations:

Number of vessel movements reporting they are retaining waste:


Waste notified for delivery m3

Amount of waste actually delivered m3

Amount of waste retained for delivery at another port/terminal m3

1. Waste Oils









Bilge water





Others (specify)





2. Garbage




Food waste















3. Cargo associated






4. Cargo residues





Charging Regime:

A short report should be appended to this document outlining any changes to the port/terminal mandatory charge, the manner upon which this was calculated and justification for changes to the charge applied to vessels. This should update the information in the approved Port Waste Management Plan but does not supersede the requirement to submit a new plan if there are major changes in the charging structure.