ARCHIVED 8 - 10 Returns and contacts

8 Returns:

The Port Authority will submit returns to the MCGA annually in the form set out in Annex C & D of this plan. The type and quantity of waste collected will be monitored and the actual quantities removed from the site by a licensed contractor recorded on the waste transfer notice.

Records of all declarations and transfer documentation will be retained for a minimum period of two years.

9 Reporting of alleged inadequacies of waste reception facilities:

Port and Harbour users are encouraged to report any inadequacies through the complaints procedure or direct to the MCGA.

Records of complaints are kept for a minimum of two years.

10. Contacts:

Thanet District Council

Port of Ramsgate

Harbour Office

Military Road

Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9LQ


Tel:  01843-572100

Fax: 01843-590941