Distances to Europe via Ramsgate / Ostend

Great connections within the UK and to Europe

Road freight drive times and distances between Port Ramsgate and major UK and European locations

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Fastest routes, although not necessarily the shortest, are based on a lorry travelling at a 'normal' motorway speed of 60mph (96kmh) and a dual carriageway speed of 45 mph (72kmh).

Ramsgate toDistance (miles/kmTravel time
Birmingham (West Midlands) 205 miles / 330km 5h 20m
Newcastle Upon Tyne (NE) 360 miles / 579km 8h 50m
Manchester 286 miles / 460km 7h
Edinburgh (Scotland) 499 miles / 803km 11h 10m
Cardiff (South Wales) 236 miles / 380km 5h 45m
Fishguard Harbour (South Wales) 345 miles / 555km 8h
Rosslare Harbour (Southern Ireland) 345 miles / 555km 13h 45m

(Source: Autoroute Plus)