Council secures new pontoons for Port of Ramsgate

Small boat owners embrace developments as the Port of Ramsgate unveils new pontoon system capable of berthing 30 boats.

The pontoons (walkways by which boat owners can access their vessels) were completed recently and will make mooring, and accessing, boats significantly easier.

This enhancement will be significantly easier for owners than the anchor mooring chains previously used. The chains could also cause complications when dredging took place so the benefits of these new pontoons for the Port will continue far into the future.

The new pontoons were purchased through the Yacht Valley funding stream, with the existing chain removal, dredging and installation funded by Thanet District Council.

The new pontoons are in the Western Gulley of the Royal Harbour Marina, between the Commercial Quay and West Pier. This area has been historically been dedicated for the sole use of Ramsgate Small Boat Owners Association (RSBOA) offering lower cost moorings for smaller vessels.

With the addition of these new pontoons RSBOA is hoping to clear their membership waiting list, allowing more people to enjoy the new facilities and maritime activities at the Royal Harbour.

The Honorary Secretary of the Ramsgate Small Boat Owners Association, Michael Hart said, "The Ramsgate Small Boat Owners Association wish to express their gratitude to the Harbour Master and his staff for our new pontoon mooring system. This will not only simplify mooring for our members, but will also make it easier to maintain a sufficient depth of water at all times."

Cabinet member for Operational Services Cllr Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing said, “Improving facilities for all our users is a top priority for us and I am thrilled that these pontoons will enhance moorings for small boat owners, and even enable new people to experience our facilities. These new pontoons are the second set to have been installed this year and are another development in our exciting plans for the future of Ramsgate Port, as detailed in our Maritime Plan.”

Members of RSBOA are delighted with the new facilities and have now relocated their boats back from the temporary berths provided by Port of Ramsgate in the Western Outer Marina, whilst construction works were carried out.

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