Outer Eastern Marina pontoons get makeover

Work starts in August to replace the Outer Eastern Marina pontoons that are used by key maritime industries within Ramsgate Harbour. After 18 years, the existing floating Eastern Outer Marina pontoons are reaching the end of their useful life. The project will:

  • replace over 400 linear metres of modular walkway pontoons
  • add improved lighting – using latest technology high efficiency, low maintenance LED lighting
  • improve the conditions under which products are landed within the port and harbour
  • add power supply bollards to service all commercial vessels
  • improve access to the commercial fishing fleet moorings
  • upgrade the pontoon water supply allowing the Ramsgate fishing fleet access to potable water facilities
  • Add safety features such as non-slip, low maintenance high strength decking and safety ladders to facilitate rescue operations

The Eastern Marina is also being redesigned to incorporate additional finger pontoons and internal pile guides to optimise berthing capacity for the fishing fleet. It will use recycled plastic fendering on berthing faces and concrete encapsulated floatation units.

The Eastern Outer Marina has also been recently dredged ensuring sufficient water depths are maintained for commercial vessels at all states of the tide.

The new pontoons use materials that will last for another 25 - 30 years. They will also provide access to the Southern breakwater where the wind farm crew vessels are moored. Offshore development is expected to grow within the next couple of years, so this project also brings benefits to the larger Ramsgate community economically by encouraging that growth. The Engineer’s plan is available here if you would like to take a closer look.

Thanet District Council is match funding the work with the European Fisheries Fund. The replacement work will not cause any negative impact on the local economy by disrupting the fishing fleet’s activities. Access to moorings will be available throughout the work taking place.

The Port of Ramsgate is committed to sustaining the local economy. Improving conditions for Ramsgate’s local fishing fleet and industry is one area where it is demonstrating that commitment.