Future vision: Royal Harbour and historic waterfront

Ramsgate is already a popular tourist attraction with significant growth potential.

We will undertake a range of improvements in order to help attract more visitors and to enhance the tourist and leisure experience:

  • shore-based attractions and pedestrian access within the Royal Harbour need to be enhanced in order to achieve better integration with the historic waterfront; and
  • some current marine uses will be adapted and improved in order to make best use of the facilities.
  • We are attracting greater footfall to the Royal Harbour following the improvements made to the Military Road arches and the variety of uses they now offer.

Any new development should enhance the Royal Harbour and be congruent with its key (marine-related) brand attributes. Retail, educational and leisure/pleasure uses (A1, A3 and D2) should be supported.

Those uses should exploit links with Ramsgate’s commercial fishing fleet and the Royal Harbour’s unique history and location (adjacent to a recommended MCZ, possible World Heritage Site and NOSTRA ).

The inner and outer areas of the harbour will focus on the development of their core heritage, commercial activities and leisure strengths in order to enhance their appeal to mariners, yachtsmen and visitors alike.

As part of the drive to improve the historic waterfront, priority will be given to functional and quality improvements of the marina and the marina operation itself. These improvements cover the service standard provided by the marina (the anchor rating) and competitive pricing. We will use our bathymetric hydrographical surveys to deploy dredging in an appropriate and timely manner.


Visualising the future

F10image 104 HR Thumb

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This conceptual view of the outer east marina shows:

  • part of our recently completed replacement pontoon system (50% funded thought the European Fisheries Fund)
  • a future aspiration of a new fish market/fish restaurant/fishermen’s amenities and training facility 
  • equipment storage/ice making plant on the base of the commercial quay

Should this come to fruition, then the existing net storage facility on the old hover pad would be relocated within the new facility and the hover pad stabilised to create a new event space as indicated.

The image also shows the new breakwater pontoon that was delivered via part funding through the PATCH Interreg fund.


Commercial fishing

We will safeguard an area in the East Marina / Commercial Quay for commercial fishing and support the development of a specialist fish quay/market, a fish processing capability, a quayside chill store (with ice facility), and an amenity and training / education facility.

We will explore appropriate sources of domestic and EU funding for those developments and potential ways in which to attract new fisheries business.

A new fish market will also enhance the appeal of the Royal Harbour to tourists and contribute towards our goal of increasing visitor footfall, particularly in the area of the undeveloped commercial quay.


Ship repair

There are three historic slipways in the Royal Harbour which are in commercial use and operated by Ramsgate Harbour Slipways. These slipways adjoin Ramsgate’s waterfront and, whilst of interest to visitors, some of their activities are not well suited for a tourist location.

Subject to a business case (and therefore funding), new, modern slipways should be established in the commercial port and commercial uses transferred to that new location. The existing slipways (which are listed) could then be allocated for limited usage, predominantly in connection with the maintenance and repair of historic vessels.

We will therefore consider proposals for the creation of new slipway vessel lifting facilities and covered ship repair facilities in the port area to service the needs of commercial vessels and larger pleasure craft.


Cafe culture in Yacht Valley


Yacht Valley arches


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