Yacht valley project funding


Yacht Valley concentrated on three main objectives, the development of Military Road Arches and 2 feasibility studies, one on the Smeaton Dry Dock and the other on further development of Yacht Servicing facilities.

The enhancements undertaken to the Military Road arches has resulted in the arches being utilised by a good mix of tenants. These tenants not only relate to yacht servicing, but also restaurants, cafes and art galleries which has lead to increased footfall and an improved café culture in the harbour area.

The Smeaton Dry dock study will focus not only on the history of the dock, but on future uses and how these could benefit the local area. The outputs of the study can then be considered and future development of the dock realised.

A study on improvements to yacht servicing is also being completed and from the direct outputs of this study, some additional investment activity will take place in the harbour area utilising the Yacht Valley funding.


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