LOPINOD funding

The port and harbour’s involvement in LOPINOD came about as a result of the connections built up through previous Interreg projects and we immediately stepped in to replace a partner who had dropped out. Our involvement in the project has been more about master planning for the future rather than physical development.

Through this project we funded both an economic study and undertook partner engagement into the possibility of developing an alongside quay at the Port of Ramsgate. Although the initial outcome of the report was that in the short term we should concentrate on our current business, the report has shown that an alongside quay is possible in the future, particularly with the 2015 Emission Control Area ramifications.

With an ever increasing focus on Low Carbon by the EU programmes and with us wanting to be as environmentally responsible as possible, LOPINOD is also being used to fund the development of a Low Carbon Plan. This plan will focus on the full spectrum of renewables including wind, solar, marine source heat pumps and tidal. It is hoped that we will become a hub for all green energy going forward, building on our existing involvement in the wind farm industry.

It is through the capture of all ports greatest asset, the sea, that we hope to capitalise the most. Through the development of a tidal barrage we hope to generate our own electricity and to heat port and harbour buildings by using marine source heat pumps.


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