NTM 08/2017 - Filming (Port of Ramsgate)


Mariners are advised that filming will take place on and around Linkspan #1 between 11:00 Thursday 9 March until 02:00 Friday 10 March 2017. This will include a controlled special effect to simulate a boat fire. During this period, the linkspan will not be available. 

During the above period, three anchors are to be deployed within a 60m radius from the midpoint of the leading edge of the pontoon within an arc of 090 – 150 degrees T, each marked with a buoy.

To facilitate this operation temporary fendering will be attached to the leading edge of the pontoon on Wednesday 8 March at 1400 which is anticipated to take 2 hours, during this time; the linkspan will not be available.

Mariners should follow advice given on request from Ramsgate Port Control on VHF Ch. 14.