"We are delighted to be working with Thanet District Council.  The partnership which is in its early stages, has highlighted just how important the Port of Ramsgate is for GEFCO, with thousands of vehicles having already been imported and stored, prior to their distribution to UK dealers.  It is great to play a role in ensuring the excellent facilities at Ramsgate are used to their full potential and to help spur the ports revival further by creating additional opportunities for the region."


"We have worked closely with the Port of Ramsgate for over 5 years. Both the Port and Harbour are integral to constructing, operating and maintaining our wind farms so it is important to have a good working relationship with the Port of Ramsgate team.  Both our organisations have learned a great deal together and the staff understand exactly what we need from our local port.

Attending regular operations and user meetings means that we are all aware of each other’s activities and what is planned for the future. This way both wind farm and port operations are able to happily co-exist and benefit from each other."

Kentish Flats and Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

“The Port of Ramsgate has been key to the success of London Array both during the construction of the £2bn offshore wind farm and in our current operations and maintenance phase.

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with Harbour Master Robert Brown and his team from the earliest stages of the project, which has been of immense value to London Array.

Their professionalism has helped ensure the smooth construction and running of the wind farm and been of particular assistance to our marine coordination team.”

London Array Limited

"When Siemens were chosen to supply turbines for London Array project a base was required to set up our offshore operations to support turbine installation, commissioning.

There were a number of possible locations, Ramsgate was the best choice for our operations. It has excellent access routes, has a sheltered port available 24hrs a day, it even had a local airport which was used by Siemens to fly personnel direct from Denmark to Ramsgate.  It has space available for offices and stores, ample berthing on serviced pontoons for crew transfer vessels and good local services and contractors for supporting works, both on and offshore.

Siemens worked closely with the local team from Thanet District Council (TDC) with particular help from the Harbour Master and Port Engineer during the site setup, establishing buildings for storage, vessel berth, access routes and parking areas for our staff.

The port made many improvement’s to their facilities to accommodate various crew transfer vessel requirements, including updating quayside facilities for the largest vessel types.

Throughout the project Siemens used an offshore floatel vessel for our technicians, the Cbed - Wind Ambition. This converted RoRo car ferry came into port once a month for replacement of supplies and services. The port along with the agent ensured this vessel was turned around very efficiently in a timely manner.

Ramsgate now has a service centre for London Array, this is a base for offshore service operations running a team of engineers and technicians maintaining the wind farm.

This long term commitment and similar bases for other operators of wind farms confirms the choice of Ramsgate as being a good base for offshore operations along the Kent peninsula.

I look forward to working with TDC again in the future ……"

Siemens Wind Power